European Business Council for Sustainable Energy


e5 is promoting adopted life style and development of technology for turnaround of climate change

The business association European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (e5), founded in 1996, champions the future viability of the European economy. The abbreviation e5 stands for the five dimensions of a sustainable industrial society: e-conomy, e-fficiency, e-nvironment, e-nergy, and e-mployment.

As sustainability incubator, e5 identifies key factors for the future viability of markets, business models, technologies and economies and initiates pathbreaking pioneer projects. As an entrepreneurial vanguard initiative, e5 paves the way for innovative business models and advocates the interests of resource-efficient business in the political arena. As an internationally recognised dialogue platform, it advances knowledge exchange between business, science, civil society and policy-makers.

How can business contribute to the advancement of sustainable lifestyles? How can eco-innovation be accelerated? How can business assist in the endeavours of poor societies for resources-efficient economic development? How can business advance the commons sensitivity of the modern economy?

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