Scope and Activities

e5 opens landscapes of opportunities

Our activities fall into three areas:

Sustainability incubator

  • ascertaining trend-setting sustainable technologies, markets and lifestyles and initiating pathbreaking pioneer projects
  • promoting of instruments and framework conditions for eco-innovation and capacity building
  • examining and developing economic instruments and business models which advance a society fit for the future

Dialogue platform

  • advancing knowledge exchange and mutual understanding between business, science, civil society and policy-makers
  • creating new coalitions and joint initiatives for sustainability and climate protection
  • identifying key factors for the future viability of markets, business models, technologies and economies

Policy Advocacy

  • representing resource-efficient business interests in the international political arena;
  • advocating policies that level the playing field for sustainable businesses;
  • participating as a respected moderator at international climate protection negotiations;
  • supporting a strong and legally binding UN regime for climate protection


e5 was founded in 1996 as vanguard initiative of sustainable energy and climate protection business. Under the slogan “Climate is Business” the council highlighted the economic opportunities and advantages of sustainable energy technologies, e.g. future competitiveness, employment opportunities, developing export markets, and securing a reliable energy supply. Our continued interaction has helped society and policy to accept the necessity of a sustainable energy-driven future.

Now we have to shape this future.