Preparation of the European Emission Trading System

The EU is entering new ground with the European Emissions Trading System (ETS). For the first time, a market-based mechanism is supplementing public policy in the global effort of combating climate change. e5 supports this pioneering effort of the EU. Early action means early capacity building, while enabling the EU to take the lead in terms of know-how and experience. Also, ET can help to realise the world-wide project potential of low and high-tech innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energies. e5 believes that robust implementation of the Kyoto Protocol’s marketbased mechanisms will add impetus to bringing the protocol into force. Transparent and resilient ET standards, in the EU and world-wide, will remain a central position of e5’s ET strategy. These standards prepare the ground for trading platforms preceding stock markets. Reliable ET standards are above all a necessary precondition for integrating carbon trading into all companies’ investment strategies.e5 has been taking great effort in building capacity amongst companies obliged under the new EU emissions trading scheme. It is a primary matter of e5 to prepare these companies for the allocation of CO2 allowances and provide profound knowledge support.


Positions and Statements