Press release: practical guidance for the new emissions trading scheme

In Deutsch lesen: Emissionshandel – Orientierungsleitfaden für Unternehmen


Buyer or Seller?
e5 offers practical guidance for the new emissions trading scheme

Brussels, December 10th, 2002
e5 -press release

Following today’s European Council decision on EU-wide emissions trading, the European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future (e5) is offering a first individual Orientation Study for Companies about their specific impact regarding the new EU Emissions Trading Directive. The Study is to help companies finding their business opportunities in the framework of the Directive.

With the new Directive companies are able to influence the translation of this Directive into national law. Sebastian Gallehr, Managing Director of e5, stated today at the e-mission 55 conference „Kyoto is Business“ in Brussels: “Taking this opportunity is now very important for all decision makers to have a general orientation about the specific impact of the Directive to their companies”. He added: “The European Business Council is offering a first Orientation Study to all companies about their specific opportunities and risks resulting from the ET Directive”.

The Study in a short, concise format, will be an individual company’s assessment determining whether it will be in a position to buy or to sell emission rights under the new system. With this offer, e5 is continuing its work on providing business opportunities to European companies in the area of emissions trading. Another example of this work is the web-based draft check of CDM compatibility of international projects.

The European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future, based in Brussels and Darmstadt, represents with its membership base of approximately 110 international companies and associations market leaders like Sony International, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bahn and Calorgas, promoting a strong sustainable energy agenda from the renewable energy, energy efficiency, CHP, telecommunications and public transport sectors. Besides working for political lobbying in Brussels for a business orientated effective climate change programme e5 is developing market oriented answers in the area of climate protection and provides a strong business network.


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