e5 History and Milestones

The start of e5The beginning of e5 in 1996

Cooperation with Global Ecovillage Network Europe in analyzing and promoting economic innovations of ecovillages as role model for modern sustainable lifestyles.

2011 – Durban
e5 initiates and participates in basic stakeholder consultation on business models for forest protection.

2009 – Copenhagen
e5 starts groundwork for a post-Copenhagen world and for basic concepts of a commons-sensitive economy.

2008 – 2010
e5 paves the way for European business into global technology cooperation for climate protection. Launch of the e5-programme „Climate Justice as Business Case“.

2008 – Brussels and Poznan
e5 promotes the potential of information and communications technologies for global climate protection and energy efficiency

2007 – Berlin, Heiligendamm and Bali
e5 congregates a world-wide alliance of more than 20 international business associations from three continents in order to pool the strength of climate-friendly business for joint action at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm and the UN Climate Summit in Bali and to demand a definite negotiation mandate for the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol.

2007 – London
Together with his sister organisations from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, e5 founds the International Council for Sustainable Energy.

2006 – Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Brno and Madrid
e5 launches an European discussion roadshow in order to discuss the need of replacement and further construction of power plants in Europe, the reconstruction of the All-European energy system and the challenge of an ambitious climate policy.

2006 – Brussels, Vienna and Lyon
e5 starts to be a moving power in the „Eco-Innovation Panel“ within the framework of the European Innovation programme (Europe INNOVA).

2005 – Montreal
In the North American business community, e5 promotes the 2-degrees-limit, i.e. global warming must not exceed 2 degrees Celsius. At e5’s invitation, eminent businesses from Europe, Canada and the US prompt policy-makers to focus on a reliable policy framework that goes beyond voluntary business commitments and provides long-term investment security.

2005 – Brussels
e5 comes through for the Parliament, the Council and the Commission of the European Union to help enforce energy efficiency in member states legislation.

2004 – Bonn
At the First International Conference For Renewable Energies in Bonn, Germany, e5 sends a representative to the international steering committee. Launch of the initiative “Investment Security for Renewable Energies” (ISRE). By means of a campaign, e5 heightens awareness regarding harmful impacts of airline business travel on climate in companies and promotes economizing solutions in the spheres of video conferences, telecommunications technology, public transport and offsetting.

2003 – Brussels
EU Emissions Trading Directive in force. e5’s input enhances transparency and reliability and contributes to the inclusion of benchmarking as a key for allocation.

2002 – Johannesburg, Bonn and New Delhi
e5 leads business community at the first European follow-up conference on implementation of energy commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa. e5 launches network expansion campaign and voices business case for sustainable energy and climate protection at climate negotiations world-wide.

2001 – Bonn and Marrakech
e5 created e-mission55 campaign emerges as the strongest voice of the business case for climate protection at highly successful COP 6a/b and COP 7.

2000 – The Hague
e5, at COP 6, makes strong contributions to forward-looking solutions, particularly for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

2000 – Brussels
e5 participates and exerts significant influence in working groups of the European Climate Change Programme (ECCP).

1998 – Buenos Aires
e5 takes leading role in formulating plans of action during COP 4.

1997 – Kyoto
e5 encourages the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol at COP 3.

1996 – Brussels
European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (e5) is founded amid international acclaim. Establishes headquarters in Germany.

1995 – Berlin
Call for a „European Business Council“ on the first world-wide conference for Climate Protection (COP 1) to address the issue of climate change and increase business commitment.