Examples of Open Hardware Initiatives and Projects

Databases and Communities

  • Förderverein Freie Netzwerke e.V. – Open Hardware WLAN Initiative
  • Make – Technologies on your time – Platform and magazine for Open Hardware projects
  • Open Graphics Project – Platform and community developing graphics cards with open source drivers
  • Open Hardware Repository – Platform to collaborate on open hardware design
  • Pure Energy SystemsWiki (PESWIKI) – Community-built encyclopedia on renewable energy solutions
  • Shared Design Alliance – „advocates for and demonstrates the value of sharing the design information contained in physical products, and produces infrastructure to make design sharing and modification easy and efficient“
  • SPI – non-profit organisation founded to help organisations to develop and distribute open hardware and software
  • Standarrd – Sustainable Technologies Acceleration Network for Development Assistance and rapid relief Deployment
  • Sustainability Knowledge Network – Information and workspace on sustainability projects (for example the Bhopal Initiative on Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing and Use and Sustainable Community development)

Commercial ICT-Projects

  • Adafruit Industries – Open design for various electronic gadgets, sale and development of open source bases
  • Arduino – Open-source electronics prototyping platforms, the boards can be bought or be built by hand, the software and design is open and can be changed and further developed
  • BUG – Open source modular system to build devices by BUG Labs; Bug Base (a Linux embedded computer) and various electronic modules like MP3-player, GPS etc. can be bought and build together. The source code, the software and the hardware design are free and can be developed and further developed
  • Daisy mp3 – Open MP3-player toolkit, all hardware and software components are open
  • LEON – 32-bit CPU microprocessor core, originally designed by the European Space Research and Technology Centre, part of the European Space Agency, and after that by Gaisler Research. It is licensed under GNU General Public License for LEON3 versions and GNU Lesser General Public License for LEON1 and LEON2 versions
  • Liquidware – Shop and Wiki for Open Source Electronics-Kits
  • Open Sparc – Complete design of Sun Microsystems‘ UltraSPARC T1 microprocessor was released-in open-source form, named OpenSPARC T1, and its successor, OpenSPARC T2. The first (and still only) 64-bit microprocessors ever open-sourced. Provided: the processor source code, simulation tools, design verification suites, Hypervisor source code, and other tools
  • Traversal Technology LLC – OGD1, an FPGA development platform, a basis for the development of computer hardware, particularly graphics; OGD1-development Kit can be bought

Examples of Non-ICT Projects

  • DIY-EFI – Open „Do-it-yourself“-Electric Fuel Injection for Cars
  • Open Architecture Network – Open source community for innovative and sustainable design
  • Open Wetware – Platform and database on biology and biological engineering
  • OScar-Project – Community-based open development of a car

Open Green Technologies

  • Akvopedia – open database on smart and affordable water and sanitation technology, open to be contributed, edited and used
  • Apropedia Foundation – Open Sustainability Network: Website with wiki and forum on open sustainable hardware and related projects
  • Concentrated Solar Power Open Source Initiative (CSPOSI) – Project Archimedes: hybrid thermal solar collector for distributed power generation andwater purification; Software and electronics hardware for concentrated solar power under GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • Good Stove – Cost and energy efficient stoves for the use in developing countries
  • Solar Heat Pump Electrical Generation System – SHPEGS – open concept for a renewable base load power station for moderate climates, based on solar and geothermal heat


(Status March 2009)